Eryn Krouse: Life After Graduation

Eryn Krouse: Life After Graduation

Eryn Krouse is your typical 22 year old girl who is in love with life and passionate about creating content while traveling or being in the ocean. From the looks of her IG, you’ll see she travels often and is always on-the-go, but something that caught our attention was that she was jet setting and earning her bachelors degree at UCSB all at the the same time! We caught up with Eryn to get her best tips on managing school and leisure!

Where are you from and why did you choose UCSB? 

I am from Los Angeles and I chose UCSB for a couple reasons: 1) It is a great school academically. 2) It’s more like a beach resort than your typical school, with a point break right on campus (campus point) as well as two other really fun spots right in Isla Vista. It also helps that it’s pretty close to my parent’s house ( 1 hour 30 minutes drive) in case I needed to commute to Los Angeles for a photoshoot or wanted to say hi to my family, do laundry, etc. 


What was your major?

Linguistics with an emphasis on Language, Culture, and Society


How did you manage traveling so much as well as taking classes?

Traveling is tough once the school quarter starts, but I’d usually let myself miss one week of school to travel for work in the beginning of the quarter so I didn’t miss anything important. My schedule was pretty great as well (Monday-Thursday) which meant that I could use my long weekends as an opportunity to travel. The main thing was to keep track of important deadlines and to make sure that I got all my school obligations done early/on time. 

What are your plans for this summer/ fall?

This summer I am working as Junior Lifeguard Instructor and ocean lifeguard in Malibu. In the fall, I plan on starting a crazy year of travels- Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Peru, and Japan just to name a few!


Best advice you learned while in college?

Try new things! During my time in college, I had roommates for the first time in my life which was an awesome experience. At first, I wasn’t too sure how I would like living with 5 other girls, but they eventually became like sisters to me. I also took up yoga at a nearby studio and would practice almost every day. College is a time where you really learn how to be an adult because you’re living on your own, so I would say to just embrace the crazy experience and soak everything up like a sponge because there won’t ever be anything like it again. Also, it goes by really fast!


What was your favorite part about UCSB?

I loved that it was located right on the beach and that Isla Vista is a beach community with active and adventurous people. It’s so unique to be able to bike around campus while feeling the sea breeze and then to hop in the water for a quick surf session in between classes.