Jens and Jan: Digital Creator Twins

Jens and Jan: Digital Creator Twins

Jens and Jan Weiss are twins from Heilbronn, Germany, and have been creating photo, FPV, drone and video content for world-famous companies for over three years! 

Let's Get to know the twins!

We’re super excited to chat with you both Jens and Jan! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and where you’re from?

We are twins (25) and come from Heilbronn, Germany. We started shooting pictures 3 years ago and have been in the Canon Creator Club for 2 years. Since then, we are active on Instagram (31k). Two years ago we also started with TikTok (220k). For about a year we have been filming and flying FPV drones for world famous companies worldwide.

We love any outdoor activities and travel A LOT. Our Penny boards come with us on every trip.

What do you love most about being content creators?

The most beautiful thing is to work independently from all wonderful places in the world. To organize your day as you wish and to always have new challenges. There is nothing better than turning a hobby into a profession.

Traveling and getting to know new cultures at work and always learning new things. Every day is different because we have many different assignments. 

What does an average ‘work day’ look like for you?

No two days are the same for us, however, we still do have routines that are in place every day. Every day we shoot TikTok videos and produce content. Sports and outdoor activities are never missing!

We know you have a few Penny Boards - we love that! If you had to pick a favorite one, which one would you pick and why?

Our favorite thing to do is take our Penny boards with us when we travel. Therefore, we usually take our Penny 22" with us because it's super easy to travel with. We simply hang it on our camera backpack. In cities we can get from spot to spot very quickly. We love to surf with the 22" through the city. 

What advice do you have for people wanting to get into the influencer and content creator space?

The most important thing is fun! If you don't enjoy photography or filming, you will have a hard time. Continuity and quality with the right eye for aesthetics is the key. Once you have found your branch or niche, you have to create something new and special that will excite people. To get better and better, it's important to keep learning and trying new things. After our business studies, we taught ourselves everything via YouTube. A mentor can also help a lot!

To keep up with the twins and their content adventures, be sure to follow them on Instagram!