Sunrise to Sunset: Sally Carden in Biarritz

Sunrise to Sunset: Sally Carden in Biarritz

Sally Carden and Axel Vigna are two nature lovers seeking to discover new locations for adventures, surf and skate. Located in Paris, France they often travel to different destinations around Europe with the hopes of finding some sun, some smooth streets and good waves.

A little about Sally: 

I love to travel, I grew up in Australia and my family was into camping, we have a boat so would wake board, water ski etc. Most holidays and weekends included camping at the river, lake or beach. I’m very patriotic, I’ve been to many places but there is no place like Australia. I didn’t surf or skate when I was younger, but started later, and I love it. I love the sense of freedom, I also love 70s skate and surf culture, I feel as if the era has a great influence on my style.


A little about Axel: 

I grew up in France, in Paris. As a kid I loved to skate, and would spend my holidays in the south of France by the sea, but it was the Mediterranean sea so no waves. I started surfing 3 years ago, and fell in love with it straight away. I spend my holidays searching for waves, and when there aren’t any I skate.


Their story:

Axel and I met at university while I was on exchange in Northern California 2 years ago. We discovered that even though we were from opposite sides of the world we both sought the same sense of adventure. One month later we bought an old 4 wheel drive big enough to sleep in and started travelling on weekends. Our adventures took us all around the Southwest and eventually to Hawaii and Australia. A year ago I moved to Europe to be with Axel while he finishes his studies. Europe is amazing, there are so many different places to discover! My favourite places in Europe have been: Praia de Barra Portugal, Pais Vasco Spain, and Lacanau-Ocean France.

On this weekend we found ourselves traveling to Biarritz on the west coast of France, to escape the rain and cold of Paris. Biarritz is where surfing in France was born, so it has a really cool, chill vibe. The weather was really nice, and is calmer in winter. We woke up early to skate on the boardwalk while the sun was rising. I love to watch the sunrise, it’s beautiful to be the first people to see the new day; such a calm gentile feeling. The waves were pretty good, so Axel went surfing, while I hung out in the sun. We spent the rest of the day skating around town discovering Biarritz.



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